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A nice & simple solution to ensuring you always have the minimum amount of line wraps on your winch drum.

With the Plasma Lock installed you can pull your line to your anchor point with confidence that it won't leave you without any line on the drum!

The Plasma lock has been designed for a variety of line gauges. With the 9.5mm grade you can feel confident that at least 8-10 wraps remain on your drum, reducing the chances of a slippage considerably.

The pictures below have been sampled with 11mm on a Warn 8274 winch.

(Well the one on the right is, the one on the left is a giant,
Scottish loo roll centre if you must know).

The Plasma Lock is made from double thickness, heavy duty bright red webbing and is 150mm x 40mm (approx).

Supplied free of charge with every new line from Ruftraks UK Limited.

from Monday 13th September 2010.

(If you want to buy one - 7.50 each.)