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Ruftraks  12 Strand Plasma Winch Line


Technical Data

Wire v Plasma Table

Winch Line and Winch Extension is one of the newest 
and greatest inventions ever made in rope manufacturing. 
Ruftraks Plasma is specially designed for winching and for wire cable replacement. Ruftraks winch line is 25% to 
stronger than wire cable and is only 1/7th the weight 
of same size wire cable

1 Does not kink
2 No splinters ( fish hooks )
3 Does not curl ( easy to handle )
4 Easily spliced
5 Compact
6 Floats
8 Safety
(very little snapback if the line breaks)
Specific gravity 0.98
Melting point 284 F
Critical temp.150 F
Elongation at break 4%-%5
UV resistance excellent
Tested in accordance with ASTM
test method # D 4268-83
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Comparison Data Table

  Fiber Core Wire Rope Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) Ruftraks UHMWPE
Diam. N.S. lb/ft N.S. lb/ft N.S. lb/ft
5/16 4.26 0.164 4.58 0.180 5.85 0.028
3/8 6.10 0.236 6.56 0.26 8.75 0.038
7/16 8.27 0.32 8.89 0.35 10.5 0.047
N.S., or Nominal Strength, listed above, is shown in number of tons. One ton equals 2000 pounds.

The wire rope statistics are drawn from the Wire Rope Corporation of America (WRCA) website at:
UHMWPE strength figures are from Puget Sound Rope Web site at: