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A great picture & some very kind words
 from Daan Schreuders April 2016.

"I took delivery my plasma rope, send to me by Andrew Thomlinson from Ruftraks. I have been using Plasma rope exclusively since 2003 and never looked back. Other competitors broke their cheaper winch ropes, but I never did. I show a picture with my old rope. It is still perfectly useable, but we are going on an 8 day event, the croatia trophy, so I decided to get a new rope, for safety reasons. The old rope is still on the winch in the picture. I did wonder what was the last time I replaced the rope, so I went through my inbox, and found the last communication with andy thomlinson: it was dated 05-05-09. The last time I obtained plasma rope was almost 7 years ago! It was done in preparation for the Ladoga trophy in russia, and I am still using it till this day and have done many events since. Let this be a showcase for plasma rope: there are cheaper options, but think about whether the other options last 7 years before you spend your hard earned cash. Thanks to Andrew Thomlinson of Ruftraks.


"Hi Andy,
Just a quick note to say cheers for helping me out with my new rope.
The Plasma Lock is a great wee bit of kit, and was easy to fit. 

My winch was used twice in anger on Saturday, and god, what a difference compared to the wire rope.

Free spool is so much easier to withdraw and the winch seems to be working faster.....maybe due to the lighter rope....!!!

Cheers again, from one very happy customer,


PS. Why haven't you got a Testimonials Page on your site, might improve business!!!!"

Thanks for the e-mail Scott, and your suggestion of this page