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Now available in your choice of colors, BLACK or RED

If you are like 90% of the folks we know, you are sick of having to break out the winch remote, plug it in, route the cable around your hood and through your window just so you can work the winch from the safety and comfort of inside your cab.

And like 90% of the folks we know, you keep telling yourself that "one of these days" you'll figure out how to do it, go to Radio Shack and buy the switches, etc, etc. But there just always seems to be more important things to do.

Now you have no reason not to make this cool mod to your vehicle. This kit includes the switches, pre terminated wires, complete instructions on how to install it and a "oh so coool" dash plate to hold everything. Works with most winches including the older 3 wire remotes and the newer 5 wire models. Does not make your current remote non functional.

Note: Since there are so many places to mount this in so many different vehicles, mounting hardware is not included. But this is just a couple of screws for flush mounting or a couple of small L brackets for under the dash mounting. Inexpensive and available from any hardware store.

UPDATE: Our new standard lead length is now 8 feet (as opposed to our previous length of 6 feet). We had so many customers request this length that we thought it would just be best to make them all this long.

Yours for 35.00 + VAT & Delivery.